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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  September 21, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. record-breaking rainfall in the bay area on this last day of summer. this is daly city around 10:30 this morning rain making it
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look like a shallow river. here's roberta. >> take a good look at this. this is what a record looks like. this is san jose. one of six cities that did have record amount of rainfall in the past 24 hours. in fact other notable cities anywhere from oakland with over 6/10" of raining the civic center in san rafael with over half inch. we had nearly .25" at sfo. again record amount of rain from a cold front that blasted through the bay area today primarily during the afternoon hours. live hi-def doppler radar picking up light precipitation except for the pocket of moderate to heavy rainfall to the east of i-680 at this particular time. if we move up towards the high sierra, we are getting there we have a combination of sleet and snow. that's been falling around donner lake and also in kirkwood. all of this in the autumn forecast, we'll talk about that coming up. the early rain caused problems all over the bay area. lots of soccer games were canceled and anyone who
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attended an outdoor event was likely drenched. there were fender-benders and even worse traffic issues. don knapp was out in the elements all day. >> reporter: it rained on the carnival following the newark parade. and just about everything else around the bay. traffic was the first casualty of the surprisingly heavy rains. here in 880 near jack london square, a big rig tractor plows through high water on an elevated stretch of southbound lanes. on the northbound side of the freeway, rain-related accidents brought all lanes of traffic to a halt around midday. up in santa rosa, jeep cherokee lost control as it got on highway 101 and hopper avenue slid across three lanes and slammed into a big rig, according to a chp officer. >> lost control after the impact, jackknifed into the center divider and a third vehicle a gray honda civic, hit head on with a big rig. >> reporter: the jeep driver and passenger were injured and taken to a hospital. >> hasn't rained for months now.
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the roadways are full of oil from vehicles and it's extremely slick. i advise everybody to slow down way more than even you think you should. >> reporter: here on the new bay bridge, traffic was moving smoothly but slowly as drivers got their first chance to cross in the rain. while it didn't rain on the newark's anniversary celebration parade it did rain on the carnival. >> not a bad thing for a 5-year- old who had a car ride all to herself. >> it's raining. the rain waited until after the parade so that was nice. but this one couldn't wait until tomorrow for the ride. >> reporter: these folks from san lorenzo say even the rain couldn't keep them away. >> oh, no, no. we were black to come anyway. -- we were planning to come anyway. there's a car show and both of our husbands have cars in the car show. so we had to come out. we had no choice. >> reporter: mike garcia and his wife also had no choice. >> our daughter is here and she is in the parade so we came up here to support her. no fun in the rain. >> reporter: rain kept customers from the midway. this man said he would expect 1,000 people on a clear day instead of the few dozen who showed up. what's it done to your
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paycheck? >> i got about $6. normally i'd have abou $500. >> reporter: wow, took a beating, huh? >> yeah, sad. >> reporter: late in the day the clouds parted, the crowds are still coming and the carnival continues tomorrow. >> thank you. there were no injuries reported when this cab crashed into a pole and this happened around 11 a.m. at market and the battery in san francisco. police tell don knapp who took these pictures that the cash was most likely rain-related. soggy sailing fans on the embarcadero will have to wait another day for america's cup races. >> boo! >> not happy. that was the reaction when the announcement was made to postpone today's races. race officials said the wind was coming in from the wrong direction. races are set to resume tomorrow. emirates team new zealand leads
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the series against oracle team usa 8-3. they are one win away from clinching the cup. a rain delay in oakland didn't stop the a's from getting another step closer to clinching. brian web is at where the a's are on the verge of winning the american league west division. brian. >> reporter: hi, ann. the a's fans still coming out of the stadium smiling and why not? the team took care of business today beating the twins 9-1 meaning the magic number is down to one. one more game and they clinch the a.l. west title. we were down the road apiece at ricky's sports bar in san leandro. it was a part is saturday crowd buy a few fans grabbed the seat, some wings and the beer with one eye on the a's game and the others on the rangers game. they will take a texas rangers lost to the royals to seal the deal today.
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this will be the second straight season the a's will have won the a.l. west title and that's a big accomplishment especially for a small market team. it's always fun for an amateur and it will be fun if they pull it off. it will be great. if not, we'll come back tomorrow and they will do it tomorrow. >> reporter: looks like that might have to happen tomorrow. so far the rangers are beating the royals and that's late in that game. if that holds, that means the a's will have to win the game tomorrow here to clinch the title. >> clearly the rain is not going to keep those die-hard fans from the game. >> reporter: you know, there was a big rain here today. the field is flooded. the people got wet. but small price to pay if you are here for the game that could have clinched the title. >> exactly. brian webb in oakland, thank you. >> this place is a mess. let's get our house in order. >> the path to keep the
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government running is hitting roadblocks. the sticking point that could keep lawmakers from paying the nation's bills. a crowning achievement for a california homecoming queen. her powerful message for anyone struggling with who they are. ,,
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working on budget bills. as usual, partisan politics are ing in the way. kpix . nine days and counting until a possible government shutdown. congress is working on budget bills and politics are getting in the way. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec on the frustrated bay area congressman who reacted by using a questionable term to describe the dysfunction. >> this place is a mess. let's get our house in order. >> reporter: strong words after the house passed the republican bill that funds the government with a huge caveat. it defunds the president's healthcare law. >> the american people don't want the government shut down and they don't want obamacare. >> yeah! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: it's the 42nd time
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the house has voted to repeal obamacare. east bay congressman eric swalwell got so annoyed he said this to republicans on the house floor this week. >> wake up from this radical ideological wet dream and come back to reality. >> reporter: after the comment raised eyebrows nationwide we caught up with him today back in his district soaking wet after a bike ride with constituents. >> i couldn't bite my lips any longer and, you know, perhaps i won't use such vivid descriptions in the future but what i feel is very real and it's what my constituents feel. >> reporter: if lawmakers can't make something work by october 1, national parks, museums and monuments will close. essential government employees like air traffic controllers and u.s. troops will have to temporarily work without pay. workers considered nonessential will be furloughed causing delays on services ranging from irs refunds to passport processing. in the weekly republican address, a plea for lawmakers to work together. >> we just need washington to pause, reflect and see what is
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possible in our great nation. >> reporter: in his weekly address, president obama once again said he would not sign any bill that defunds obamacare. both sides digging in their heels. >> is this extreme element really going to shut down the government and hurt innocent people to repeal the affordable care act? that to people is just crazy. >> reporter: the senate, which is controlled by democrats, is expected to vote on its own version of a budget bill early next week. in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> in addition to the threat of a partial shutdown, a week from monday administration officials say without raising the debt ceiling, the nation risks a first-ever default on its bills. backers of proposition 8 that ban on same-sex marriage that was invalidated are
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setting their sights on a different issue, transgender student rights. the referendum by the national organization for marriage would repeal a recently enacted state law allowing transgender student to choose which school restrooms to use. the law also allows transgender students to choose whether to play boys or girls sports. a crowning achievement for a 16-year-old huntington beach transgender student. cassidy was born male and always felt like a girl and says she was taunted relentlessly because of it. cassidy lynn campbell knew it was a tough road but ran for it to make a statement. >> i'm sew proud to win for me and everyone out there and for every kid, transgender, gay, bisexual, straight, black,
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white, mexican, asian, it doesn't matter. you can be yourself. >> as she was crowned, students chanted her name then ran down to the field to give her a hug. cassidy is the first transgender homecoming queen at her high school. and he is the original owner. the incredible amount of miles he has racked up going into the guinness book of world records. >> take a peek at this right now. this is your saturday night. we have your complete pinpoint forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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million-mile mark driving his volvo into times square. he went to alaska for his 3 millionth mile. he is now in the guinness book of world records for the most miles put on a car. >> are we talking records and so are you roberta? >> yes. 6 cities across the bay area had record rainfall amounts and it was really incredible because all the computer models were alluding to the fact that this was a weak cold front breezing through the bay area. outside now this is our live hi- def doppler radar. the cold front is out of here except right there. you see that cluster of green and yellow? that's some light to moderate precipitation due east of i-880 and also 238 towards the calaveras mountain range. this is interesting. lasts day of summer sleet, snow and rain around the greater lake tahoe area. wide pictures to prove t light snow around donner lake, as well. record rainfall at the san jose
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international airport, over .6" rain. over .6" at the international airport of oakland. san rafael, mountain view and at the museum in oakland, sfo, with nearly a full quarter inch of rain. today's high really not significant but nevertheless 64 in pacifica. 72 in livermore about 15 degrees below average, 8 degrees below normal in san jose. tonight overnight relatively cool upper 40s into the 50s. this is the scene, the skies are now clearing out. steady numbers across the board into the 60s. winds dialing back except san jose. westerlies at 14. awesome out there. i hate to give you a little editorial comment out there but it's a beautiful night in progress. tomorrow the first official day of autumn and with it a cold front on the approach is now out of here. the showers tonight are now dissipating. we'll have full-on sunshine for your sunday. all right. let's pinpoint your forecast. a string of 60s will become
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common at the beaches. 70s on the peninsula. high 70s in morgan hill and gilroy. east the blame mid-70s. 10 degrees below average, east of the bay, mid-70s. north bay 71 in rohnert park. 70s and 80s to the north in ukiah. high pressure quickly builds in monday only to be defeated by a trough on tuesday and wednesday with cooler air mass. then offshore flow thursday through saturday and that indeed will result in high fire danger. high fire danger after the ra sunny. >> you would think we wouldn't have that but we do. >> we'll cope. >> thank you. a's fans, keeping an eye on the rangers. >> it looks as if the chilled champagne is going to have to wait another day. the ranger game just went final. we'll update you on that. tell you where the a's stand. they are at the a.l.
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after a 2 hour, 7 minute ra de he coliseum... ...most of the 26, 393 were not dissappoin the a's handling their business. they can almost taste the a.l. west crown. after a 2-hour 7--minute delay at the coliseum, most of the 26,393 not disappointed. alberto callaspo got a single
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up the middle. jed lowrie scored, a's 1-0. yeah. jarrod parker looking for the 12th win of the year pitched six strong innings giving up one run didn't walk anybody. second inning, yoenis cespedes, he smacked a single into left field two runs score. cespedes with 18 rbi in september. the a's took a 4-0 lead. same inning, more ciaspo and a -- more callaspo, folks. that's a now don't about it. that's where the big boys put it, no doubt about it. two-run bomb, 6-0 a's. a's 78 home runs since the breaks. they win 9-1. so -- [ drum roll ] >> the a's drop the magic number to one. the rangers just beat the royals 3-1. and so the division crown will have to wait until tomorrow. we will see. meantime in the yankees and giants. 3rd inning yankees up 1-0 against ryan vogelsong with two on.
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crawford impressive to get alex rodriguez. the run did score so it was 2-0 yankees. same inning, robinson cano and that's a clean one into left. former giant chris stewart scored and it's 3-0. 4th inning, one on and look what eduardo nunez did. a two-run shot to left. only a second homer for the year. 5-0 yankees. and ivan nova pitched a complete game shutout struck out seven giants walked one, six hit. the yankees keep the wild card hopes alive winning 6-0. es alive winning 6-0 e football... ...san j state...had to t early... 9 this mo esota.... yankees win, college football, a chance yankees win! final 6-0. for san jose state to get on national tv at 9 a.m. kickoff though at minnesota. the spartans coach only a 4- pointed point other ideas. 10-yard player gophers up 7- 0. quarterback sneak got the push. gophers up 13-3 at that point. here comes the spartans.
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david fales and nfl type throw to jones that's a 76-yard touchdown pass and catch. san jose state even closer. under 2 minutes left, it's fales to jones again. this time a 32-yard score. it's just a three-point game at the half. fales a 400-yard game. but in the second half, it was all mitch lightner . in the fourth, lightner another quarterback sneak he had four rushing touchdowns for the day and then the spartans kicker got into it. harrison wade, yeah, wade thought that was a late hit on him. so he got up and he got all postal on the gophers. he ended up getting ejected from the game! spartans routed, 43- 24. we've got notre d cause we k wanted it...!
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4th with michigan re come the . we have notre dame because you know you wanted it. michigan state at notre dame. go to a tie game 4th quarter mcdaniels, 7-yard play, irish beat the spartans, 17-13 improving to 3-1. now for the nfl. we got you covered. 49ers taking on the colts that will be tomorrow right here on kpix 5 at 1:00. and switch over to the cw after the game for the post-game show as we will be in the 49ers locker room with complete reaction. chance off the blade...tour championship...atl anta... shot in golf, tiger woods, boy, a struggle. this putt never had a chance off the play! look at this. tiger, where's the line, man? shot a 69 in round 3. 3- overheading into sunday at the tour championship atlanta. 14 shots behind. >> thank you. see you back here in half hour -- that will do it for us at 6
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>> all right. so roberta is heading to the a's game tomorrow. >> i'm on a plane flight to denver tomorrow because i have the raiders game for monday night. but you got team coverage at the tomorrow. >> you know what i learned last year, being on the field with the champagne? this year, i'm bringing my swimmers goggles. oh, yes, i am. >> goggles. >> ready for victory. >> windbreaker, raincoat, whatever. >> see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado ♪
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♪ turn around
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♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars. the sky was falling sunday in the pacific northwest on the gridiron and in the 49ers locker room or so it seemed. [ censored ] >> you guys expect something heavy a little more kaepernicking couple of these? we didn't expect that. >> reporter: there was much more at stake against the seahawks than just colin kaepernick's eyebrow. but the memory left by that
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game is probably more indelible than the words written on his arm. they go from prey to predator this week against andrew luck and the colts. "49er preview" swoops in next. >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald . there's plenty for jim harbaugh to be upset about as we look back at the seahawks before looking forward to the colts. it was a one score game in the 4th quarter when russell wilson had marched on lynch for one of three touchdowns for the former cal bears. the 49ers offense was out of sorts. they turn over five times. colin kaepernick had three interceptions, the biggest to richard sherman who was named the defensive player of the week. the hawks humiliate san francisco 29-3. hello, everybody. welcome to "49er preview." i'm dennis o'donnell ang


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